Barnett Blackcat Recurve Archery Kit

Young first-timers often find recurve bows both enjoyable and approachable because of their manageable design. The Blackcat™ recurve bow keeps things simple with a traditional build, 15- to 20-pound draw weight and up to a 24-inch draw length. Constructed for right-handed shooting, the Blackcat comes complete with a finger tab, arrow rest, quiver, 3-pin fiber optic Brightglo sight and two arrows.

Soft touch, reinforced right handed grip. Kit includes finger tab, two arrows, arrow rest and quiver. Also includes 3 pin Brightglo fibre optic sight. Package serves as a carrying case. 15-20lb draw weight. Up to 24” draw length.

  • Draw Weight - 15-20lbs
  • Draw Length - Up to 24
  • Right handed bow
  • Packaging doubles up as a carrying case.

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