Bradley Mountain The Biographer - Charcoal

The Biographer

This is a roll top waxed canvas rucksack thoughtfully designed for both the urban and rural adventurer. The straps are all leather & padded with a layer of wool for comfort. It has a baseline buckle connection which allows for more range in adjustability. The double layer of waxed canvas and the roll top closure work together to protect the contents inside from weather.


  • Heavy waxed canvas
  • Organically tanned leather (exclusively colored for Bradley Mountain with our eco-friendly process of oil and hot wax coloring)
  • Solid brass and copper hardware
  • Roll top closure
  • Wool padded straps
  • Dimensions
    • Width 13 at the mouth of the bag tapering down to 10.5 at the leather bottom. 
    • Height 22 when open, 17.5 when closed
    • Depth 4.5 
    • Front Pocket 9 W, 6.5 H, 2 D
    • Side Pocket 3 W, 5.5 H (perfect for pens) 
    • Inside pocket 10 W, 12 H
    • 10.5 L when rolled/closed
    • 13.5 L when open

100% handmade in-house in San Diego, California

*Bradley Mountain leather is dyed organically with oil and wax that may transfer to clothing within the first 2-4 weeks until it sets into the leather. In that time, we recommend wearing dark clothing. Also, color and consistency of leather may vary slightly with each order.

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