C&F Design Large 5-Row Dry & Nymph water proof Fly Case with 12 compartments, CF-3305N

Micro Slit Foam is a concept by C&F Design for improved fly storage. Rows of foam with our patented design hold a wide range of hooks gently but securely. Notches help locate the Micro Slits, making fly organization a breeze. Just insert the hook bend into the slit as illustrated.



  • Comes with 2 lockable storage wells for split shot and strike indicators
  • Shot case is lined with sticky Magic Fly Sheet that grips split shot securely
  • An integrated solution for all-around trout shers
  • Custom cutout to store CFA-11 (sold separately)
  • Slots for 120 flies


L 197mm W 114mm H 42mm

Off White

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